Essure Reversal – Should You Opt For It?

You have had yourself sterilized long back and now you regret it? Well, you aren’t the only one face such a dilemma. Just like every year thousands of women opt for tubal ligation, thousands want a reversal as well. It is mostly commonly seen in women who opted for the surgery at a very early age and now at a more mature age feel that they want to have a baby once again. The reasons for such a desire can be many and vary amongst women, but essure reversal is something that many women across the world want.

However, when a woman wants to get pregnant post tubal ligation, most doctors would suggest resorting to some artificial means of insemination like IVF. This way, the couple can have a baby even after sterilization. But that’s not what women/couples want for themselves. They usually prefer to undergo reversal unless a reversal is impossible or risky die to health and age factors. In fact, there are several reasons that justify why women/couples prefer essure reversal over other artificial methods.

Effectiveness – As compared to artificial techniques, the effectiveness of a reversal surgery is much, much more. If the surgery is totally successful and there are no complications, a patient can have a baby as normally as any other woman without any chance factors. But success rate of artificial insemination/fertilization processes is never so high. In majority of the cases, the process has to be carried out more than once and even then, there is no guarantee of the baby.

Cost – The cost of the reversal surgery is much less as compared to IVF. While a surgery would cost around $5000 – $9000, if you opt for an IVF, the cost would easily go beyond $10,000 or more. And if the process has to be repeated, then the cost would rise further without any guarantee of whether you will be able to conceive.

Permanent – Once the ligation is terminated, the couple have a chance to have more than one baby if they want to. This is because with the reversal surgery, the sperm movement becomes as normal as before the surgery and so, the woman stands a chance to conceive a baby with every cycle and that too, with a one-time investment unlike artificial methods. This gives the couple the freedom to plan a family exactly as they want.

Less harm done – The reversal surgery is a one-time event and once the scarring has dried up, you hardly have to give further attention. But that’s not the true for artificial pregnancies. For IVF to be successful, a woman’s body has to be ‘prepared’ which means consuming a lot of medicines before and during the pregnancy so that it is successful. Often most couples do not prefer such a course of action as it may harm the woman.

Apart from the reasons stated above, there are quite a few other factors that make essure reversal a better option than other procedures to gain back your reproductive power. So, if you do want to have a baby, it would be better to undergo the reversal surgery.

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