Carb Cycling For Weight Loss – Does It Work?

The predecessors of the Carb cycling diet:

A few years ago, there was a trend of going low on carbohydrates for people who wanted to build muscles or lose weight steadily. Back then it was understood that Carbohydrates were the culprits that did not allow for weight loss or body building. The protein intake was relatively kept high. But over the years it has become clearer that shunning carbohydrates completely from one’s diet can be quite detrimental to health.

The drawback of the carb-less diet plans:

The problem with protein rich diets like the Atkins and the less carb ones like the Paleo is that even though they allow for quick shedding of weight, they are not instrumental in helping to keep the lost weight at bay and with even gradual introduction of the carbohydrates back into the diet, the person will start gaining the weight again. Another probable drawback of the low carb diets is that it exponentially increases the risk of acquiring chronic heart diseases.

How is the Carb cycling diet different from the others?

The carb cycling diet plan is a revolutionary new plan which allows the person on the diet to have foods rich in carbohydrates on some days and abstain from it for the other days. This way the body is not totally deprived of carbohydrates that which is important for the healthy amount of production of insulin as well as for the normal functioning of the body. Carbohydrates as micro nutrients are extremely important for the body as breaking them down provides for instant energy in the cells.

This is how the fad picked up:

This diet plan is a gift from the bodybuilding industry. Personal trainers would recommend their trainees to stock up well on carbohydrates in the phase when they had to build muscles in the body and then totally abstain in the days that followed so that the fat layer was totally removed. This gave an idea to fitness experts to try and see if the same worked well for people who wanted to lose weight quickly and not gain it back.

Fabulous results have been acquired from carb cycling:

A study conducted in the UK categorically studied 20 women who were subsequently split and put on to two different diet plans. One half of women adopted the carb cycling plan while the other half were put on the low calorie Mediterranean diet. It was found that women who avoided foods rich in carbohydrates for as little as only two times a week lost almost 18 kilograms over a period of five months and the subjects that were put on the Mediterranean diet lost only close to 10 kilograms within the same given period.

Why the Carb cycling for weght loss works?

With a decrease in the intake of carbohydrates in the body, the rate of metabolism of the body also decreases creating a spike in the undesirable stress hormones. Also, due to absence of carbohydrates in the body, the body’s ability to retain water and essential sugars is lost. A prolonged absence of carbohydrates can wreck a lot of havoc in the systematic functioning of the body.

Allowing the body carbs on certain days and abstaining from it on the rest of the days allows the person the best of both the worlds. It is like taking the middle path and not going to any extremes. The weight lost in this plan is so consistent and gone for good that in a short period of time itself, the diet plan has had many takers including the likes of Heidi Powell, Shaun Hadsall.

5 Reasons to Eat Carbs at Night

If you follow the diet advice online and in magazines then you most likely try and avoid eating carbs. The idea of eating carbs at night sounds horrific to you. The idea that carbs shouldn’t be eaten at night is just one of many misguided myths of the internet.

Everyone needs to eat carbs. They are essential to our diets. We also understand the difference between different kinds of carbs. Even though we know all this a diet aimed at losing weight will either suggest going low carb or no carb under the misguided belief that carbs are just going to be converted into fat and stored.

A study published in 2011 would argue this isn’t the case.

The study took two groups of obese people and put them on different diets for a six month period. One group were given a standard diet for weight loss while the other group were given a diet where the majority of their carbs were eaten in the evening. Both diets had the same number of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. When everything was said and done the dieters eating carbs at night lost more weight, shed more fat, and reported feeling less hungry during the day.

With that in mind here are five reasons to eat carbs at night.


You might know what serotonin is. You’ve at least heard of this brain chemical. It’s one of the chemicals that leaves you feeling good. Serotonin helps us to relax by calming down the nervous system. Carbs are used by the body to create serotonin through the release of insulin. If you eat most of your carbs at night you can enjoy the relaxing feeling of serotonin before it’s time to sleep.

Sleep Better

With the serotonin flowing you’re left feeling pretty happy and fulfilled from the carbs. There are other advantages too. Carbs are also directly related to cortisol. Cortisol stops you from sleeping and carbs reduce cortisol levels. Have you ever questioned why being stressed makes you crave certain foods like chocolate? That’s because stress is caused by cortisol and carbs reduce cortisol levels and de-stress you.

Improved Metabolism

Your body needs to be effective at switching between burning carbs and burning fat for energy. This is how you can not feel hungry even after eating for a few hours. It’s because your body has switched to using stored fat for fuel. When you eat your carbs through the day you’re telling your body it doesn’t need to switch because there’s carbs on tap all day. Eating carbs at night encourages your body to burn through fat for energy and spend the night restoring your glycogen stores.

Enhanced Energy Levels

Do you feel tired around mid-morning after eating some cereal? If so you likely grba a sugary snack or have biscuits with your coffee. This is because the carbs you eat from the cereal cause a spike in insulin even though you don’t have a lot of blood sugar at the minute. Eating carbs at night means that your body restocks glycogen which leaves you feeling energised in the morning.

Reduced Cravings

It does take power to eat clean and this power slowly drains during the day. By eating high protein foods during the day you leave yourself feeling full and less tempted by all those sweet sugary snacks. By the time you get home you’ve lost all your willpower but you can freely eat carbs without feeling the need to snack on biscuits and other bad foods.